SwagifyUpsell Products. Increase Sales. Incentivize Customers.

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Genome concepted and built Swagify in-house, for Shopify, one of today’s most popular e-commerce platforms with nearly 300,000 on-line stores.  The Swagify app allows Shopfiy store owners to upsell and cross-sell products and bundles with highly customizable offers at the point of checkout based on the contents or dollar value of the customer’s shopping cart.  


Swagify increases conversion rates and sales by 20%-30% by allowing store owners to create highly customizable offers. Swagify integrated feature set includes Upsell Products Based on Custom Tiers, Increase and Optimize Sales, Incentivize Customers, Boost Brand Loyalty, Flexible Campaign Controls and Real-Time Analytics.

Swagify Key Features

Key Features

  • Embedded Shopify App, fully integrated with the Shopify API and the Shopify Javascript SDK.
  • Supports multiple concurrent promotions with different business rules and rewards
  • Intuitive yet granular business rule builder to configure promotion qualification conditions, including limitations based on time, product type, or dollar value spent
  • Customizable consumer messaging that can be easily branded through no-code-required in-app controls or within the code of a shop's theme templates
  • Close-to-realtime reporting on promotion performance, in terms of both impressions and conversions
  • Full customer support, with both documentation and live assistance in configuring a shop's theme to work with the app

App Interface

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