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Küdzoo AppGood grades. Great rewards.

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Kudzoo is a launchpad for students that connects their scholastic achievements with real-world rewards. Designed as a mobile app, Kudzoo engages students in their academics by combining grades, grade average improvement, class attendance, and trivia. Achievement and completion of these activities convert to product deals, a vacation, or access to some of the world’s most exclusive experiences from their favorite bands, actors, brands, and much more.

In collaboration with Kudzoo, Genome developed a “sticky” strategy with a foundation that will attract students daily (when grades are N/A) to a destination that allows for brand marketing and sponsorship to all-important Generation Z.


The color palette is limited, focusing on translating Kudzoo's brand colors to mobile devices.

Küdzoo App Wireframes


Open Sans is used as the overarching typeface for all web-related materials due to its neutral and friendly appearance.

Küdzoo App Wireframes

Design Strategy

These sample wires illustrate structural changes made to maintain simplicity and consistency between the iOS and Android Platforms. The new navigation and homepage structure creates more visual interest and clear direction to the user.

Küdzoo App Wireframes


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