Eight Days A Week

Eight Days A WeekThe Touring Years

  • Creative Direction and Design
  • Tech Development
  • UI/UX
  • Marketing Analytics Strategy


In conjunction with the film’s release, White Horse Pictures, Universal Music Group, and Apple Corps launched a promotional campaign that included an offer to The Beatles fans who saw the band in concert and still had a ticket from The Touring Years in the ‘60s.  Using media like The New York Times, fans were encouraged to visit the website and upload a selfie of themselves with their ticket from the concert.  The first 500 fans to participate with a valid ticket, received free movie passes for the September 2016 opening of Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years.


Genome built a responsive web site for the six-week campaign using key art from the film.  The site captured first, last, email, phone, and featured a photo gallery of the fans who uploaded their selfies.  Fan participation was strong, with more than 100 fans uploading selfies in the first few hours.

Eight Days A Week Key Features

Key Features

  • Cross-browser support for image and video uploads
  • Integration with third-party campaign managers to store candidate emails for future marketing outreach
  • Moderation queue for filtering invalid and/or inappropriate submissions


Eight Days A Week Website

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