Tanay Lakhani

Tanay Lakhani

  • Lead Backend Developer
  • Foodie
  • Traveler

Tanay grew up in Mumbai, India where his childhood passion for technology was cemented with a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering.  He came to the US and settled in NYC where he graduated from New York University with a Masters in Computer Science.  His interest and expertise in both hardware and software are a rare combination.  Since graduating with his MS,Tanay has spent the last five years as a software engineer with a number of institutions, programming for a wide variety of initiatives — from API systems to social network and e-commerce applications and everything in between.

Tanay’s engineering expertise includes cross-platform proficiency (Windows, Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X), fluency in 10 scripting/programming languages, and advanced knowledge of developer applications, tools, methodologies, and best practices.

On the rare occasion when Tanay isn’t coding or exploring electronics, he is on the road discovering the best that US cities have to offer, traveling internationally, surfing the web, and flipping the pages of a great book.