Stephanie Plumeri

Stephanie Plumeri

  • Lead Developer
  • baker of noms
  • casual economist

As Lead Developer, Plum (as she is called) is responsible for, and involved with, all phases of the creative and development process. From advising the team on user workflows and mobile-first design concepts, to building out fully responsive cross-device-compatible interfaces, she is consistently looking to push technical boundaries while not losing sight of the end user. Plum also puts a particular emphasis on ensuring Genome’s applications meet industry standards for both accessibility and content optimization.

Prior to joining the Genome team, Plum was the UI Development Lead at TMP Worldwide, where she led the UX, design, and front end development of a fully responsive internal content management web application to support the company's core recruitment marketing software platform. She was responsible for building the front end frameworks for both the general user-facing and admin-facing portions of the platform.

When not actively writing code, she is busy with one of her loves: baking gluten-free, dairy-free goodies. This makes Mondays popular in the office, as she always comes bearing gifts.