Nick Jones

Nick Jones

  • Account Director
  • Board game fanatic
  • Improv comedian

Nick comes from the borderlands of Philadelphia, a fact that makes him a "born lottery winner" in his mind. His pursuits of branding, fried foods, and non sequiturs have found him posted in Miami, Boston, London, and have finally lead him to New York. His professional experience in Robotics and Healthcare are officially qualified by the Guinness Book of World Records as "the two single most disparate skill sets ever combined in a brunette man".

Most recently, he helped scale the client roster at a leading NY startup. This experience lead him to discover a deep desire for conversations that start with "what do you do?" And end with "I'm looking forward to working together."

At Genome he leaves the real building to the professionals, but builds relationships with clients and prospects alike and focuses on earning every syllable of his title.

In his endangered spare time he likes to cook with a Crock Pot, is totally "that podcast guy" at your office, and will probably show you a picture of his two dogs.