Muksit Jamil

Muksit Jamil

  • Front-End Developer
  • Origami Champion
  • Sneakerhead

Muksit hails from the exotic lands of Baltimore, Maryland, where he graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. He began his career conducting research at Hopkins investigating new contrast agents for MRI, and then spent a few years in the private sector working as a scientist for Becton, Dickinson & Company. 

During this time, he developed an interest in coding, and began to teach himself in his spare time using resources online and by working on personal projects. The ability to instantly build things with code got him hooked, and he soon decided to pursue his interest full time. He moved to DC where he worked as a front end developer for a data mining company working on data visualization projects. He then went on to work for a non-profit where he had a chance to further develop his skills in design and user experience working on large scale applications used by medical students and school administrators across the country. He hopes to utilize his skills at Genome to create well functioning and beautifully designed products that bring satisfaction and enjoyment to users. In his spare time, Muksit enjoys playing pickup basketball and birdwatching.