Michael Stromer

Michael Stromer

  • iOS Developer
  • Marathoner
  • Deep Sea Diver

Michael is an iPhone app developer, writer, and runner.  He taught teens how to make apps last summer at iD Tech's NYU campus.  Michael followed that up in the fall by running the New York City Marathon. Coding apps in Swift has become one of his creative avenues, with a focus on front-end design.

As an undergrad at NYU, Michael learned to code by attending hackathons.  He launched 7 free apps, spanning his interests in gaming, writing, food, travel, and exercise.  Living in the city that never sleeps is a major benefit.  Michael discovers sources of motivation from artists at his favorite museums — the Met and MoMa.  

Although Michael was born and raised in New York City, he still loves exploring the city and keeping those hidden gems a secret.  When he’s not building iOS apps and exploring the city, Michael enjoys going to concerts, reading, writing, playing guitar and piano.