Genome creates fantastic online stores on behalf of our clients that deliver superb experiences to their visitors and customers. Simply put, our products work. Each time we build, we measure twice and click once. In order to guarantee that we have the most flexible, powerful, and consistent toolbox, it is critical to partner with the best-in-class ecommerce platform -- Shopify Plus.

Our clients who trusted in Genome + Shopify Plus

Why Shopify Plus?

The web never sleeps. We need a reliable ecommerce partner so that we can...(occasionally).

Key Features


Retailers keep dozens of plates spinning at once -- sales, customer service, shipping, marketing, quality control, growth, financials, (did I leave the oven on? ugh. ), inventory, promotions -- and they rely on applications to manage it all . Shopify Plus features a flexible API that allows store owners to seamlessly plug in all of the tools they use to keep their lights on and their customers happy.


Like the Shopify Plus platform itself, ecommerce stores must grow and evolve to meet the changes in the marketplace. The architecture of Shopify Plus, and the underlying infrastructure, allow stores to start small or large and grow painlessly. No hidden fees, no transaction limits, no cut corners, and no sweat on Cyber Monday.


Protecting personal data is of the utmost value to the modern online shopper. Shopify Plus places security as a #1 priority by maintaining bank-level security on their cloud-based hosted solution. The Shopify Logo allows customers to slide down the conversion funnel without questioning their decision to buy.


We treat our clients like friends -- we answer their texts faster than we answer some of our friends. Similarly, Shopify Plus features 24/7 email and phone support, and provides dedicated Account Managers to their store owners. That’s the level of service that should come with a robe.


Shopify Plus offers their users a suite of advanced reporting and analytics tools, supported by Google’s Advanced Ecommerce Analytics Engine, which allow store owners to best understand how their store is performing and where they can intelligently and deliberately improve it.

Ease of Use

Genome always prioritizes the user. Shopify Plus gives merchants an extremely simple interface to navigate, modify, and improve their stores. Need a report? Want to quickly create a product? See a trend you want to capitalize on? Our clients are never more than a few clicks away from their goals with Shopify Plus.

How We Use It

Shopify Plus is the backbone of every ecommerce store we build at Genome. It’s comprehensive, powerful, and delivers the best tool set to merchants looking to grow their businesses.

Our extensive understanding and utilization of the Shopify Plus platform has lead Shopify to invite Genome to become an official Shopify Plus Partner, putting Genome in rare company among the leading ecommerce thinkers, doers, and builders in the world.

We’re proud to partner with the best in the business, and look forward to continuing to grow ecommerce dreams alongside Shopify.

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